REVIEW | The management philosophy report and annual commendation meeting of Victor in 2019

In 2019, Victor improved operation and management in an all-around way and constructed high-benefit enterprise operation and management mechanism to lay a firm basis for the Amoeba to be launched by the company. This annual meeting, themed on “maximized sales and minimized expenditure”, aims to make everyone the operator in pursuit of maximized sales and minimized expenditure and create high-benefit enterprise.

Report on Victor Operation Philosophy

Enhance Thinking, Unify Goals and Actions

Shared by: Xu Chunyong 

Through the introduction of philosophy, it dawned on Xu Chunyong that the significance of work is not only about supporting a family, but having a lofty career for righteous cause. Life is an operation process of career, family and oneself and a life training ground. After setting life goals and decomposing the goals, we have to work harder than anyone else, constantly correct our ideas and methods, keep a positive altitude and embrace dreams and hopes, which will always bring us a good result.

Practice Teamwork

Shared by: Guo Xueyong from the Security Team

Guo Xueyong, as the leader of the Security Team, strictly leads every security guard by the standards of soldier. He said that “he leads morale instead of people. Only when people work together in a concerted way can they finish their work well.”

Our thanks go to members of the Security Team in the same boat with Victor. You work hard to safeguard the company’s property and personnel safety and accomplish extraordinary things in the most common post. Under his leadership, the Security Team will always be the loyal guardian of Victor.

Look into Future and Set out Again

Shared by: Chen Cuiting from the Customer Service Class

Chen Cuiting shared with us her personal growth experience, especially the growth and accumulation after joining Victor. Cultivated by Inamori’s Philosophy, she formed a conventional thinking whenever she met difficulties- work harder than anyone else and you will always find a way out.

Through studying Inamori’s Philosophy, she realized that responsibility is an undertaking and she also felt the most authentic, touching and pure sense of belonging among colleagues after the introduction of philosophy of Victor.

Believe in Inamori’s Philosophy - Practice Happy Victor

Shared by: Zhang Zhiling from Anodizing Class

Since he was employed in 2015, Zhang Zhiling has been engaged in the study and practice of Inamori’s Philosophy and obtained good results. He was deeply convinced that happiness comes from your own hard work. Meanwhile, he completed over 40 new products development. Through on-site improvement, the production efficiency increased by 30% and the processing yield was stabled at 98%. At the same time, acid recovery system was introduced to greatly lower sewage treatment cost. All of these cannot be separated from the in-depth study and constant practice of Inamori’s Philosophy.

Believe in philosophy, find out the invariably straightforward truths, take innovation as basis and value teamwork.

In 2020, he will work hard with his team for it!

Philosophy, My Interpretation and Action

Shared by: Su Jianhua from the Development Department

Su Jianhua shared that: a person will come across a variety of tests and disasters in his/her lifetime. These tests are chances for us to enhance and harden ourselves. When you encounter any tests, you should deem it as the chance to establish and harden your mind and you need to face up to it and redouble efforts. Even in difficulties, you still make unremitting efforts. This is the sharpening of your soul and mind.

Tests are not limited to hardship and misery. Sometimes, success can be a test. “Always stay humble and work hard”, never be pleased with yourself due to success and stay humble even in greater success and work harder than anyone else. Only in this way can we sustain our success and further prosper.

Fixed Lessons for Happiness

Shared by: Mr. Ming De

Mr. Ming De (Founder of Shenyang Shenghe Business and Dean of Hunan Shenghe Business School)

Mr. Ming De aspires to be the excellent instructor of enterprises. At this annual meeting, we are honored to invite Mr. Ming De to share the fixed lessons for happy life with over 1000 members on site. After listening to the philosophy of him, the people on site were suddenly enlightened. He combined Chinese studies with the study of Six Endeavors of Inamori’s Philosophy to mark hard things simple and meet practical needs.

Quotes from Mr. Ming De

1. The greatest distance in the world is the distance between theory and practice. Failure to practice your theory is equal to the mastery of no theory;

2. Everyone can be a sage and differences are made in a breath;

3. We benefit ourselves by benefiting others. To obtain achievements, we have to work hard with kindness in mind. Only this kind of person will be given torch to light up the road ahead and shed light on the wisdom treasury to head to real success.

Origin of the Establishment of CPT Precision Mold

Shared by: CEO Wang Zefeng from Zhuhai CPT Precision Mold Co., Ltd.

Mr. Wang shared the Origin of the Establishment of CPT Precision Mold with gratitude. Before he started up the business, he successfully grew from technical expert into high-level manager in Philips foreign-invested enterprise. However, he always felt empty and confused about future there. In 2006, he resolutely left Philips and gave up his stable life. He embarked on the start-up journey of CPT Precision Mold. In April 2018, as the referral of Director Tao of Victor, he joined Seiwajyuku. In May 2019, he officially started to build CPT and the entire personnel started to introduce the study and practice of Inamori’s Philosophy. With unique corporate culture and grand vision, CPT attracted high-end craftsmen and top teachers of the industry to start up business together and work hard for the enhancement of manufacturing industry in China.

Why Do We Manage Enterprise

Shared by: Tao Lihua, Chairman of Victor


What will I do in the future

Victor was founded by me. After four years of philosophy study, I inspired more people’s pursuit of life, created happiness for employees, created value for customers and created future for the enterprise. Over the four years, my firm belief inspired my employees as well as my peers and even my customers.

I’m convinced that I’m a flag-bearer who needs to fight until the end of life. No matter how hard it is, I will continue my fight. It’s indeed hard to survive in the manufacturing industry. However, for the happiness of employees, I will try harder and stick to it. This has been my fighting will and belief. Today, I just formulated a 2020 plan with Seiwajyuku and planned to make Victor the training ground for corporate operation and hold corporate operation salon once a month. I plan to not only manage Victor well, but also drive other manufacturing industries in Jiangmen, upstream and downstream enterprises of Victor to co-explore the way of operation and give my all to our employees, our industry and our society. Although I’m female and I still feared my weakness and loneliness, I’m convinced that my efforts and persistence will attract more like-minded people to work together with me. I would like to thank my employees, my brothers, my families and my partners. You raise me up and I will always be with you.

The achievements made by Victor

cannot be separated from their efforts and contribution.

On the occasion of the annual meeting

we filmed a warm documentary

You witnessed our growth

Victor annual awards

2019 Excellent Contribution Award

2019 Excellent Management Cadre

2019 Advanced Collective

2019 Best New Hires

2019 Excellent Employees

2019 Cultivation Award (representatives of senior staffs with 5 years of working experience)

2019 Cultivation Award (senior staffs with 10 years of working experience)

2019 Cultivation Award (senior staffs with 15 years of working experience)

Wonderful performances

In this year’s dinner, the families of Victor prepared beautiful songs, passionate dances and abundant awards for you. We believe that you will definitely harvest surprises here and have a good luck in the new year.

Solo 《Wait》 

Dance medley of the Development Department

Guitar playing and singing《Good Night

PMC dance medley

Chorus 《Friends

Highlights of annual meeting

Guests greeting

Ode to the Motherland from all staffs of Victor

Sign-language dance 《One Family

Excellent comments

Recitation of management cadres of Victor

Address from Mr. Li, General Manager of Victor

Toast proposed by senior management

Loving Family sung together


It’s a year when Victor grows

Let’s review the hard work in the past year, sing the Loving Family together and

head towards a better future!

I wish all families of Victor

a happy family and good health in 2020

I wish everyone a better tomorrow!


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