Necessary for work resumption | Anti-epidemic Guideline for Work Resumption of Victor

Anti-epidemic Guideline for Work Resumption of Victor


At present, the Company is in the middle of production resumption. To strengthen the COVID-19 prevention and control work, effectively prevent the epidemic from spreading and guarantee the body health of all staffs, the Guideline is hereby formulated.

Notice for entry into factory area through gate

1. All staffs need to cooperate with security guards (dorm supervisors) for pre-shift temperature taking, wear masks and ensure to take prevention measures before entering and leaving office areas, factory areas and dorms.

2. The clock-in area of living quarter sets one-way access control and sets temperature taking 4 times a day, that is, the period to be on and off duty in the morning and afternoon.

3.The dorm area is inaccessible to any external personnel in addition to the registered employees’ family members.

4. Detailed inquiry and registration are carried out on all external vehicles and persons in vehicles including native place, place of departure, stopovers. Vehicles and persons in vehicles from areas subject to serious epidemic situation are not allowed to enter.

5. All staffs who return to the company have to accept the body temperature record, inquiry and registration of security guards and return to posts after completing quarantine.

6.Temporary disinfection area and body temperature taking area are provided near the gate for staffs to wash hands, disinfect and take forehead temperature. The security guards record exceptional body temperature and quarantine suspected personnel.

Figure: Employees cooperate with security guards to make body temperature records

Figure: the company prepares masks and disinfectants

Figure: the gate area sets hands washing area

Figure: each toilet is provided with sanitizers and disinfectants

Notice for dining in canteen

1. To avoid risks from concentrated dining, all staffs from Victor dine in canteen according to separated time in batches so as to reduce the total number of diners in canteen.

2. Open windows and guarantee ventilation within canteen.

3. Don’t talk with each other during dining and quickly leave after dining.

4. After each batch of personnel dine in the canteen, timely disinfect dining table with alcohol, treat grounds with diluted disinfectants and clean and disinfect shared meal spoons, soup spoons and counters.

Notice for protection in working area

1. Wear masks the whole day during work.

2. Keep the work place clean. It’s suggested to ventilate 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes each time and keep the place warm during ventilation.

3. Wash hands regularly, drink more water and strictly wash hands before dining and after going to toilet.

4.Don’t arbitrarily leave posts and visit others. Don’t gather together, don’t throw a party and keep a safe distance of over 1 meter for face-to-face conversation.

5.Try to minimize the number of concentrated meetings. Don’t hold collective activities and large meetings. Reduce or stop business trips and parties to the greatest extent.

6. Wear masks, wash and disinfect hands before entering meeting room if the meeting is a necessity. The personnel participating in the meeting are distanced by over 1 meter. Control meeting time and open windows for ventilation if the meeting time is too long.

7. Wash hands before and after passing paper documents and wear masks when circulating papers.

8. Try to reduce smoking, if smoking is required, scatter smokers to different smoking points and strengthen ventilation. It’s prohibited to gather a large number of personnel in the same smoking point.

Notice for commuting

1.     Correctly wear masks.

1.     Try not to take public transportation means for commuting. It’s suggested to ride a bicycle, walk or take private cars and shuttle buses for commuting.

3.If it’s necessary to take public transportation means, make sure to wear masks during the whole process and avoid using hands to directly touch supplies on the vehicle.

Notice for getting home from work

1. Remove and fold mask and put it in garbage bag.

2. Use sanitizer to completely clean your both hands.

3. Use disinfecting wipe or 75% alcohol to wipe your mobile phones and keys.

4. Use 75% alcohol to disinfect your clothes and shoes.

5. Open windows for ventilation of over 30 minutes.

Currently, the epidemic prevention and control is in the critical moment

With the arrival of return peak and work resumption of enterprises

Front-liners are engaged in a “fight”, quarantine is a “fight”

The scientific and rational arrangement of return personnel is a “fight”

Protect yourself and ensure normal functioning of enterprise

Maintain normal production and operation order together

As Victor staffs,

We are making our contribution to the epidemic prevention and control!

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