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On February 5, 2021, the Management Philosophy Report & Annual Commendation Meeting of Guangdong Victor Aluminum Co., Ltd. came to a successful conclusion with the site full of energy.

Now, let’s go into the scene of the annual meeting and review the wonderful moments of the day.



Optimism--Site sidelights

Effort-- Management Philosophy Report of Victor Aluminum

Happiness and Dreams - How to thrive in Victor Aluminum

Surface Treatment: Zhang Zhiling

Annual Philosophy Report -- Production Department: Chen Bo



Dream Building in 2021, New Leap, New Journey --Business Management Department: Xu Ning


Sign Language Dance--Loving Family  


Establish the Right Way of Thinking -- Cost Improvement Department: Wang Jiandong

Improve Thinking, Unify goal, Unify action --Business Management Department: Xu Chunyong

Work Safety Sharing of Stamping Workshop - Stamping Section: Yang Kaijing


Sharing from Ms. Tao: Kazuo Inamori and his management secrets



1. Inside enterprises, every staff matters. We must cherish every life without leaving it wasted. We have to help them become the one they desire to be and become the ideal enterprise in the minds of staffs.

2. How can we feel happy: we need to care for employees, care for life, care for society, and influence life with life. So we must be clear about the purpose and meaning of the business.

3. Leaders should explain to all employees the meaning and goal of their work - why do people live and why do they work. I think about life this way. I intend to spend my life this way and I hope to spend my life with everyone with this attitude.

This thought and philosophy of life of the operator will naturally flow out and must flow out when telling the purpose and mission of the company.

4. When you care for your own staffs, partners, they can feel it. The power of your partners and employees is closely related to your care. So it is important to be able to form a synergy with your own partners and employees.

5. Inspire and influence the people around you, so that everyone can grow and become a better person. We have a “sun” like me, and we have a lot of “suns” in Victor Aluminum. Only in this way can we slowly light up Victor Aluminum and make everyone become a person with positive energy.

6. I believe that our study session today will enlighten you to a certain extent. If every one does things with the mentality of operator, Victor Aluminum will be different and the future of every one will be brighter.

I believe that if we join hands and embark on the same journey together, our lives can bloom brilliantly.

Modesty - careful listening, valuable information, full of harvest!


Appreciation- award ceremony

We all gathered together to count the hard work in the past year, listen to the summary of the work of each department for the past year, and look forward to the future development of the company’s prosperous blueprint. We feel joy as well as the weight of responsibility inside. Excellent enterprise needs excellent team. As a member of this team, it is our duty to contribute our own little strength to the growth of this team. We will continue to work together with every one to make progress together and contribute our part to the development of the company.

Best Newcomer Award (Representative)

Outstanding Employee (Representative)

Outstanding Cadre(Representative)

Safe Workshop - Stamping Section, Grinding Section

Advanced Collective

5-year veteran employee (Representative)

10-year veteran employees (Representative)

15-year, 20-year veteran employees (Representative)


Outstanding contribution

Engineering Development Department: Liao Hui

Production Department: Chen Bo

Anode Workshop: Zhang Zhiling


Outstanding Philosophy Team

2021 Philosophy Team Leader Award


We would also like to thank a group of people for the successful holding of this annual meeting. They are our friendly volunteers who contribute to the preparation before the meeting, the collaboration during the meeting, the organization after the meeting. Thank you.

A group of people stick to one thing,

embark on one road for a lifetime,

Together, we can fly farther!

In 2021, we will pioneer and innovate to keep pace with the times

We forge ahead for our dreams!

We wish all the family members of Victor Aluminum and your family members all the best in the new year. Good luck in the Year of the Ox.


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