Weight or Speed, it’s no longer a question The born of Victor’s Face-Milling Cutter

Weight or Speed, it’s no longer a question

The born of Victor’s Face-Milling Cutter

One of the prerequisites for improved efficiency on CNC machineis the proper choice of tooling. The face-milling tool usually comprises the cutting arm and cutting disc, through the former connecting to the CNC machine to operate as a whole. Different types of CNC are matched with different types of arms, whereas the popular models are BT30, BT40 and BT50 (BT refers to the Japanese arm standards while 30, 40, and 50, the sectional diameter of the arm).

Cutting arm and disc currently adopted by the industry are made from material of cast iron or steel, which is heavy in general. BT40 or BT50 is designed to handle heavy load, but impedes the speed of milling; while BT30 is designed to mill at high speed at the expense of giving up on handling heavy weight.

A recent part ordered by a customer required milling and threading in a short lead time. The R&D team finally opted to work with the BT30 of higher speed, but acknowledged the fact that BT30 cannot handle total weight over 3Kg. After repeating debates and tests, the team came up with a cure-all solution – by converting the material of cutting disc from steel to a special alloyed aluminum, it reduces the overall weight to 1.8kg. This is an ideal combination of the cutting arm and the disc: the “weight-loss” of the tools assures process consistency, improves operating efficiency, minimizes surface scratch, and subsequently generates parts of high-quality.

Our company strives to offer our customers added value with a competitive edge through internal-creativity and process improvement, continuously enhance production efficiency and recovery rate, and share with our customers the benefits out of the optimization aforementioned. 

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