Drill in Action

As electronics enters into our daily life, it is a fashion that more personalized elements will be added to the design of the products. This brings on new challenges to the manufacturing process.
Taking the sound system for example, traditionally, the speaker casing is mounted with mesh cover to allow sound to pass through. Such cover is hardly part of the uniformed body, which brings extra costs in production while making the product less appealing aesthetically. At Victor, we took note of these nuances and proposed to eliminate the mesh cover by converting the casing with immediate perforation. Such change requires precision perforation of thousands tiny holes as compared to the 20-30 holes previously, which was, doubtlessly, a hurdle for us to overcome. 
To put the words in action, our engineer team in the machining department took the lead by fashion out a specialized drill that increased the productivity by 50% but still couldn’t meet the required demand.
After a series of consultations with the suppliers, the team resolved to replace the existing dual-spindle drill heads with a quad-spindle for immediate efficiency improvement. It took an 8-month run-in period after repeated tests and adjustment before the quad-spindle took the full speed in the operation, but all that effort have well been paid by a guaranteed precision process with multiplied productivity.  
The team is heading for the next drill upgrade by introducing the hex-spindle drill heads to our machining family.
The machining process, as in any other manufacturing process, is a process of emerging and overcoming unforeseen obstacles. At Victor, we fully appreciate and embrace such challenges with alacrity; with our solid experience in fabrication and pragmatic and innovative approach, we are confident to stand out among our peers in the aluminum machining industry.

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