Victor Aluminum Brand-New UV Coating Line

Our Brand-New UV Coating Line

UV paint refers to the ultraviolet cured coating, which can also be called as photo-induced or photo-cured coating. It’s a technique that the UV coating is sprayed onto the aluminum part by in-line automatic spray guns and exposed under ultraviolet, which,concurrently, cause substrate dissolution,generate free radicals,activate raisin reaction, and instantaneously form film on the surface. This is considered the most eco-friendly paint in the market.

Being a genuine green product sets UV paint apart from the traditional PU, PE and NC paints. The difference is that UV paint contains no volatile components, which makes any UV application green, healthy, and eco-friendly.

(Victor Aluminum Brand-New UV Coating Line)

Out newly introduced UV coating line is capable of dissolving toxic components in the aluminum sheet during work process, and using the UV curer to dry the subject. In the meantime, the UV film is accredited for its hardness, scratch and abrasion resistance, and high transparency. This conforms to the consumer’s belief in pursuit for quality products. Also, manufacturing automation obviates in-process human errors, minimizes color variation, and aids in quality consistency, which conforms to the belief of Total-Automation in manufacturing.


(Environmental waste treatment)

To Victor, it has never been an “either-or” choice between environment and company interest. We have the capability and capacity to embrace them both. 

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