Central Tower Continuous Melting Furnace - Big Guy for a Big Task

Compared to the traditional electric crucible smelter, the central tower continuous melting furnace works more effectively, during the casting process, to regulate aluminum combustion temperature for ascertained molten quality. In Victor’s new casting plant, the central continuous melting furnace is already in commission to lay the foundation for a quality product. 

Our furnace is a custom-made equipment combined two functions, namely centralized aluminum smelter and thermostatic, in one body. It takes up big space to conduct continuous melting and auto-feeding at high thermal efficiency and low burning loss with a longer service life. 


1. Imported equipment using low-speed infrared and flame combustion for smelting to minimize combusted oxidations.

2. Using fume thermo-recovery system to reduce energy consumption with high heat efficiency for optimum energy efficiency. 

3. Specially designed chamber structure, and the use of thermal barrier and refractory, minimize in-chamber heat disperse for reduced energy consumption and optimum work efficiency.

4. Fully automatic feeding system from lifting, lid-opening, descending, to lid-closing all completed in one stroke.

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