Let Green Take the Lead in Company’s Sustainable Growth

Since the inception of the company, Victor has been upholding our mission of dual-focus on production and operation as well as environmental protection. To better facilitate the latter task, we have allocated major funding in greenfacilities for waste waterand exhaust emission treatment, by which we take advantage of advanced technology at home to ensure that our discharge fully meet the regulatory standards.

Advanced Waste Water (WW)Facilities Treating:

1) WW containing Nickel (Ni) – can be fully and separately recycled with effluence.

2) Inorganic WW – by pairing inorganic air floater and TFM Film to filter waste material from the water before discharge to enforce compliance.

3) WW containing Phosphorus (P) – through electrolysis to reverse possible water-borne sub-phosphorus to calcium phosphate in order to meet the standards of phosphorus discharge. 

4) WW Treating Station – is devised with re-claimed water system to recycle water and improve WW recyclability.

Exhaust Emission Treating Facilities:

1) Emission Treating Tower – is installed to sprinkle, absorb, and filter exhaustion on anodic oxidation lines in order to comply with the State Emission Standards. 

2) Sprinkler Devices – are paired with dust-bag devices applied to the fabrication process including grinding, polishing, sand blasting, and spray painting to remove dust and exhaustion with maximum 90% efficiency rate. 

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