Auto-Feeder on Linear Brushing - New Gadget for Quality Brushing

Compared to its manually operated cousin, the fully automatic brushing machine is not only proud for its productivity but also quality stability without worries about surface inconsistencycaused by manual factors, which meets quality requirements from the customer.

The auto-feeder introduced to our lined-grain brushing machine is tailor-made for surface treatment on linear parts. It handles parts up to 2500mm with following features:


Integrated Fab Process (or Streamlined Fab Process): Parts are programmed to go through Coarse Grinding, Fine Grinding, and then Nylon Brushing for final touch to reach an even and smooth grain texture on the surface.

Feeding system comprises decelerator, conveyor belt, and rollers. The belt tension is adjustable and easy to operate; thefeeding frequency converter is automatic.

Control Mode– the equipment is auto-balanced for constant tension with compact design to ensure operation stability.

Real-time Data Exchange –the SERVO switchboard communication system operated on 4 sets of servo motors for optimum performance on real-time interchange of data, as well as real-time data exchange among axles.

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