Brand-new Family Member – Horizontal CNC Centre


The traditional CNC center, mostly vertically-operated, is credited for its speedy installation, simple operation, and easy visibility during production process and calibration. Thus, it’s widely used in the market. However, confined by the height of its post and tool-change devices, the system has limitation in machining parts of longer length/height. Moreover, when making parts with cavities or concaves, metal scraps/chipscannot be effectively removed, which may damage the tooling causing subsequent surface defects on parts in fabrication and delaying the whole process.

This is when our horizontally-operated CNC comes into play to deal with lengthy and cavity-filled parts which can now be comfortably secured with proper jigs and of which milling chips can now be expelled with less effort.


The new equipment features:


1. A one-stop automatic CNC center enabling one-stop milling, drilling, tapping, and chamfering to fulfil metal fabrication of various lengths

2. Devised with automatic scrap-remover

3. Using BT30 spindle taper drill for speedy performance

4. Using fixed guide-rail for elevated precision and stability

5. Using gang tool operated tool magazine better suited for horizontal operation

6. Operated in shielded-booth for the safety of the operator and the sanitation of the work environment


2017-09-04 return