The Devil in the Details -Our Etching Technology

With the 3C electronic industry going through continual evolution, new materials and technologies are constantly being applied to the products. A brand-new etch line has been installed and are now in commission for making various type of surface design over base materials of alloyed aluminum or copper, or stainless steel. 

What is Etching?

Like silk or mesh printing, the base plate will be covered and taped over area that is desired to keep before dipping in the solution to etch out the non-desired area. Once done, the tape is removed, and the plate will come off as a cut-out.

VICTOR Aluminum-9.jpg

The Characteristics of Etching Technology

·   It can be applied to and fabricated on almost all metals, such as alloyed aluminum, alloyed copper, iron, steel;

·   No restriction on metal hardness;

·   Surface free from scratch and burr;

·   Change of design is adaptable, speedy, simple, and efficient;

Tolerance can be as precise as ±0.01mmof etching on mesh perforation.


New etching technology has continuously been applied to our products, which allows us to offer more premium surface quality to our customers. At the same time, the continuous improvement and work process development enable us to bring out the product beauty in detail, and to advance in the field of aluminum fabrication.

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